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A Milwaukee based branding agency focused on strategically translating your ambitions into visual solutions.

We started EMRLD14 to visually realize your brand ambitions. We value smart and strategic design that resonates deeply with customers, businesses, and communities. To accomplish our desire to make a difference working with you, we craft impactful solutions uniquely tailored to each project that comes our way. You can expect an empathetic approach to design, direct communication, and quality outcomes.


The first step in every successful project starts with a thorough needs assessment, brand evaluation, and process plan.


We will create a brand messaging framework to keep your written communication consistent across platforms.


Our digital offerings include website design, UI/UX, A/B testing, and customer interviewing.  


We design traditionally printed branding deliverables, marketing, and promotional pieces.


Emerald is the color of lush evergreen forests, rolling ocean waves, and the northern lights of the night sky. It is a pleasing hue that draws directly from the peace of nature I find in my travels. Unfortunately, our man-made abundance has moved us quickly towards a complexity inconsistent with the patterns of the world. This over-complication deserves serious attention.

At EMRLD14, my team crafts designs to elegantly place humanity and simplicity back into our lives one brand at a time. Smart and sustainable design is our approach. We hope you will be in touch to see what kind of impact we can create together.

-andrew melián

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